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by Liz on Sep.01, 2010, under Confessions

Hi, I’m Liz Britton (last name changed for obvious reasons).  I made this blog to confess my feelings and share my sexual desires with new friends and lovers.  I’ve been married since I was 18 years old.   I’m a 29 year old woman and am stuck in a boring, sexually uneventful marriage.  He’s a grumpy guy who works long hours and barely touches me anymore.   At first I was apprehensive about meeting other lovers but I’ve accepted that I have deep seated needs and desires for affection.   The fact is that I’m a very sexual person.  I like guys and recently discovered that I also like girls.

I live in Seattle, Washington where it rains a lot.  I work as a flight attendant and travel frequently so my search for a lover can extend almost anywhere.  I’ve created some social sites to meet new friends, explore my sexuality more and search for a new lover.  Please visit and say hello.  I love to meet new people.  I’d say age, marital status and location don’t matter as much as being able to have fun and show me the attention that I long for.  I’ll be certain to do the same for you.

Please bookmark this blog and I’ll share my inner secrets with you.  Also, feel free to visit my social networking sites below and say hello so I can get to know you.

Sexy Profiles

I’ll probably add more social sites.  Let me know if there’s one you enjoy that I don’t have.

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by Liz on Aug.26, 2010, under Exhibitionism

I love showing off for the camera.  I have a girlfriend that comes over and sometimes we take pictures of each other.  Eventually the clothes always come off.  I’m sharing some of the less risque pics here on my blog.  See my photos page.  I’ll add more photos soon!

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Adult Fun

by Liz on Aug.26, 2010, under Adult Fun

Sexual fantasies are not far from my mind at any time.  Maybe it’s because I crave the attention I don’t get at home.  I created this category of posts to share some of my deepest sexual desires and fantasies so you can get to know me better.  I went for years supressing my sexuality but I can’t do that any longer.  Blogging seems a sort of therapy for me and I enjoy it immensely.

My first fantasy that I will share with you, involves the gym.  I love working out and staying in shape.  I work out almost every day.  My favorite gym activities are treadmills, weights, swimming, racquetball and dance aerobics.  There is another workout I have dreamed of.   I see some of the guys working out, beads of sweat streaming as they push their bodies harder and harder, and I fantasize that one of them will notice me.  That he will want me and that he likes what he sees.   Somehow we instinctively know what we both desire.  We meet up at the hot tub after our workouts.  The water is very warm, the jets are on and the bubbles rise furiously from beneath the water as we slip in.

We engage in a little sexually charged chat and I let him know with my body language that I’m interested in him.  I move my body toward him, I flirt with my eyes, as I touch his leg under the water.   He touches my hand and I move my leg suggestively over his leg.  There are others around so we have to be careful.  While I’m an exhibitionist, I’m not into being arrested for indecent exposure.  But I’m feeling anything but decent right about now!   So, we can’t make a public display, but my desire is mounting.  So is his.

I grind my leg into his crotch as he strokes my thigh, masterfully working his way around to the inner thigh.  This sends shudders of anticipation through me.  I notice he is becoming aroused so I slip my hand over, under his swim trunks.  He follows my lead and it’s too late to turn back now.  I feel waves of pleasure moving through my body as the the hot tub jets pulse in rhythm.  It’s a dance of ecstacy.  All the while, I’m working on him under the water and I find him to be very responsive.  Apparently he’s enjoying this as much as I am.  For that moment it’s as if our souls are connected.  It feels comfortable and right, and oh so good.  Soon enough he gets off and then I feel an explosive orgasm – the kind I haven’t experienced in years.  It rolls through my body for what seems like a long time.  I try hard not to show on my face, what my body is experiencing.

Afterward we smile at each other and enjoy a little small talk.  I’m feeling very satisfied and soon it is time to go.  On the way out, we share a brief hug not knowing if we will ever have another.  But I sure have another reason to go to the gym now.

Please bookmark this blog and I’ll share more of my fantasies and inner desires with you.  Also, feel free to visit my social networking sites below and say hello so I can get to know you.

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I also enjoy browsing through adult sites so I have some that I can recommend.  I’m an affiliate of these sites so if you join, even for a free membership, I make a little income to help pay my girlfriend for her help creating my web sites, for software, web hosting and maybe a little mad money to help with my ever growing sex toy collection.  Maybe I’ll share more about my collection later.   ; )

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